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Cylindrical AHP audio fuse for Klangmodul III G and IV G with copper inner conductor and CE approval

Dimensions: 14x51mm

available values: 12-50A

Approvals: IEC 60269-2-1, HD 630.2.1 S4, DIN VDE 0636-201, VDE 0636-201

This audio fuse, suitable for the Klangmodul III G and IV G, is available exclusively from AHP. They were developed for musically oriented demands!

The audio fuses are available with a copper inner conductor. The contact caps are made of solid copper (new) and additionally gold-plated. This results in the very best contacts, which are reflected in a calm sound pattern. The ceramic insulator is resonance-optimized through a special treatment and is characterized by very good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance.

The sound: By using gold instead of the usual silver, the sound could be significantly improved again. The "hardness" caused by the silver in the high range disappears, the image becomes more natural and homogeneous.



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