Ultra Alu Power Distributor

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Ultra ALU high-end power strip

Star-shaped wiring with 2.5 sq.mm and mains cable with 3x2.5 sq.mm

Without switch, filter, overvoltage protection or IEC plug.


EU Type Plug:

Bals 7372 safety plug. Material: plastic black.

This plug is suitable for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and other European countries with safety plugs. It is also suitable for France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic that have a different safety plug.

Power bar:

The ALU power strip is heavy and very robust. Colour: black, powder-coated. Structurally similar to many high-end power strips that cost a multiple.

Dimensions without cable: 380 x 60 x 45 mm


Lapp Ölflex FD891CY. It has a cross-section of 3x2.5mm² and is shielded with copper.

The FD891CY is flexible because the individual cores and shielding have many fine copper wires instead of a few thicker ones. This construction not only brings cable flexibility but also a significantly better sound with a cleaner and larger stereo image.

Internal Star wiring:

The power strip is wired in a star configuration.

The cheap brass bars have been removed and each socket is connected with a pair of 2x2.5mm² Lapp cables.

This means that each socket is independent and connected directly to the mains power. The connections in this device have extremely low loss resistances that are as frequency-independent as possible. There is no voltage drop between the sockets as is usual with power strips in which power rails connect the sockets.

The main cable and wiring are connected together, copper to copper, under constant pressure and hermetically isolated from the air. This is the safest and most stable method of connecting cables without loss. We do not use clamps, screw connectors or other materials between the copper wires and do not solder the wires.

Cable sleeve:

The cable is covered with a black cable sleeve. There is a nicer look, cable protection and low microphonic effects.

Crimp tubes:

The wire ends are terminated with gold plated OFC crimp tubes. This makes the best contact quality possible.

The phase is marked on the Schuko plug and on the sockets.

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