Fostex FF 105 WK

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Fostex FF105WK, FF-WK-Serie, full range speaker, 100mm, 4", 8 Ohm, fs ~ 25kHz


The new FF-WK series replaces the FF series with kenaf membrane. Completely revised, the series offers a number of new technologies such as a double-layer paper cone (kenaf/wood fiber), a stiffened aluminum dust protection dome and a newly developed suspension.

Features und technische Daten

  • Size: 100mm/4.0”

  • Overall diameter: 107mm/4.3”

  • Baffle hole diameter: 93mm/3.7”

  • Depth: 52.8mm/3.0”

  • Voice coil diameter: 20mm/0.8”

  • Cast/Stamped: Stamped

  • Impedance: 8

  • Reproduction frequency response: fs ~ 25kHz

  • Sound pressure level: 88dB/W(m)

  • Rated input: 10W

  • Music power: 30W

  • Magnet weight: 340g/0.750lb

  • Net weight: 800g/1.764lb

  • Equivalent diaphragm radius a: 40mm

  • Effective cone diameter D: 80mm

  • Surface area of cone Sd: 0.005m2

  • Nominal impedance Zn: 8

  • Resonance frequency Fs: 75Hz

  • DC resistance Re: 6,7

  • Coil inductance Le: 0.041mH

  • Mechanical Q Qms: 4.203

  • Electromagnetic Q Qes: 0.463

  • Total Q Qts: 0.41

  • Equivalent mass Mms: 3.4g

  • BL product (Factor force) BL: 4.823Tesla/m

  • Compliance equivalent volume Vas: 4.848L

  • Voice coil overhang Xmax: 1.7mm

  • Reference efficiency n0 Eff/n0: 0.42%

  • Mechanical compliance of suspension Cms: 1.346m/N

  • Efficiency bandwidth product EBP: 161.987

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